Spottier Dick — Rude-Named Dish for Rude People

The VH1 show, Kept, had a dinner party episode, which was obviously a must-see for bachelors. Some controversy developed in the show over the inclusion in the menu of a British dish called “spotted dick,” which was never shown, and was seemingly primarily discussed for the purposes of repeating its name (and, for all we know, is pretty much the only reason it remains a part of British cuisine).
A discussion of the origin of the name is here.
On the show, close watchers will have noticed that they were cooking from a recipe labeled “Spottier Dick,” which Google results tend to point only to Jamie Oliver’s recipe, who probably has some good reason for his differential naming.
Anyway, besides being unkosher (though that could undoubtedly be gotten around), it doesn’t seem all that appetizing, in name or form. And further, I don’t see it gathering much appreciation from anyone other than British old maids.
Also, it was renamed for a bit in British hospitals.

3 Responses to “Spottier Dick — Rude-Named Dish for Rude People”

  1. Beth - The Zen Foodist Says:

    I remember seeing Spotted Dick for the first time on a menu in London when I was on my honeymoon. It cracked us up and seemed so foreign because we hadn’t seen it before.

  2. Elias Friedman Says:

    Hmmm… before this I had only heard of the term “spotted dick” as a nickname for a Dalmatian dog. Mine is lying on my foot right now.

  3. Rachael Says:

    I have a can of it here…the ingredients are: water, sugar, wheat flour, raisins (13%), hydrogenated fish and vegetable oils, dried skimmed milk, golden syrup, raising agents, egg white, salt, spices, flavoring, spice extracts. So it could go either way I suppose. (Though, fish oil as a cake ingredient? Hmmm…) I actually wrote a post on it once a few months back…

    I really love your blog, its terrific and really informative! Thanks!


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