What Did You Eat Today?

Did you know that Shredded Wheat is a horrible cereal? It’s not so much bad-tasting as it is tasteless. My first bite left me thinking, “This needs salt,” which is a fairly absurd thought to have when eating a breakfast cereal.
I picked up a couple of boxes on-sale when I dipped into the drug store to buy some deodorant. Having never tried it, I was intrigued. I should’ve sensed something from the fact that all other on-sale cereals were sold out. Yes, the shreds stood alone. And for good reason. It tastes a lot like raw dough. Maybe I’ll try to make it taste better for future sessions.

6 Responses to “What Did You Eat Today?”

  1. Mia aka The Skinny Epicurean Says:

    Yeah I felt the same way when I first tasted Shredded Wheat. It’s so tasteless like eating hay! Maybe it’s an underhand measure by Post cereal - putting their products on sale so unknowning consumers will be tricked into buying something that just do not taste good! But I still finished mine with help from honey, brown sugar, jam, etc, if my sweet tooth’s calling, or you can add milk and microwave it until it’s soft like oatmeal and add whatever you fancy. You can do it too!

  2. Cate Says:

    I love Shredded Wheat! You need to make sure your milk is nice and fresh, and add just a bit of sugar (or even cinnamon sugar) after pouring the milk over the cereal. Let it sit for just a moment, and you get a wonderful mix of soft, sweet, crunchy — it’s a nice way to start the day. Sort of like oatmeal with a little more personality. I like to add raisins or other dried fruits too. Ok, so it needs a little help to shine.

  3. john wilkins Says:

    Sugar. Lots of sugar. Use cream instead of milk. Let it sit in the cream for a while.

  4. yoseph leib Says:

    sugar? fucking children, really now. cream? makes sense, but soaking it makes it lose it’s crunchyness, the stuff’s main virtue.

    Salt was an interesting ideas, how about roasted almonds and olive oil? or melted sage butter? celery, roasted galic, techina, all mix nicely. steamed carrots too. shredded wheat is a nifty medium, healthy and strengthening, and really yummy if you listen for it’s unique and subtle sweetness.

  5. Cyndi Says:

    I agree w/yoseph–the crunchiness is what makes it edible–along with LOTS of sugar. Love the other ideas, too.

  6. e Says:

    I see you bought the plain variety, there is your first problem, the frosted version is amazing. But since you have a few boxes of the unfrosted kind, I suggest adding a decent amount to a crock pot with half and half or milk and some dried fruit and brown sugar. Amazing! Or if you are crockpotless, try adding fresh fruit and some honey.

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